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Los Angeles Develops New Incentive to House Homeless

In May, Los Angeles County set into motion a plan drafted in August of last year that would hopefully be the solution to multiple problems at once. The ordinance seeks to create new housing for the homeless through the development of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. Nonpermitted ADUs have been quite common, and recent changes have made it easier to get them permitted. To take advantage of homeowners’ desire to build ADUs, LA county now wants to grant homeowners a financial incentive of $75,000 for new units or up to $50,000 for converted units, under the condition they follow the new, easier guidelines and also are rented out to formerly homeless individuals or families. The goal is that this is a solution to affordable housing and also one that homeowners are on board with, as it gives them a financial incentive to do what they already wanted to do, which was build ADUs on their properties to collect rent. Could, or should, other regions follow Los Angeles’ lead?

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