Who Are the Homebuyers of Today?

Recent data shows changing trends in homebuyer demographics. A report from Veritas Urbis Economics compares 2017 data to the previous generation of buyers, those in 1981. The percent of women buying homes shot up from 18.9% in 1981 to 46.4% in 2017. Specifically, the number for single women is over double, from 9.1% to 18.9%, an all-time high. Older generations and single-owners are also a larger share, with 55+ buyers increasing from 16.1% to 27.8% and single-owners from 15.3% to 21.2%. By contrast, the categories that have dropped are homebuyers under 35 and homebuyers with children. The former decreased from an all-time high of 52 to an all-time low of 33.7%. The latter was also at an all-time low of 40.7% in 2017, down from 51.4% in 1981.

More: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/43199-who-are-todays-homebuyers

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