Thoughts On Value #1

When I think of value, the first thought in my mind is, “Value to whom?” We each have our personal definitions of value. They’re shaped by all the years we’ve been shaped, by the people and events around us. Those definitions begin with our personal preferences. As we grow and age, they are increasingly shaped by our social environment. Only then does financial value becomes a consideration. Many times the lines blur and value shifts back and forth.

I see it often as clients express preferences about the characteristics of a home. One will want a porch, another a fireplace. As a prospective buyer walks through a potential home, it may gain value in one room and lose some in the next. In the end, the total value is determined by how closely it matches our mental image of the ideal home.

As an agent, a key part of my job is to understand the image you have. That allows me to fit your ideal into my knowledge of the neighborhoods, construction styles, price ranges, available financing options, school ratings, and the myriad other details I work with every day. That’s the value I bring to the transaction. It allows me to help you find a close match to your ideal, or at least a good compromise.

Of course, there’s room for complications. A couple, purchasing a home together for the first time, may find a clash in what they each expect to find. Then there’s the financial wherewithal. But those are thoughts for another time.