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Majority Believe Home Prices Will Continue Rising

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 10% of respondents believe that prices will fall. The remaining 90% are split between rising and staying the same, at 64% and 26% respectively. In 2009, during the recession, only 22% of respondents believed home prices would be going up soon. Because of rising house prices, about the same number, 65%, also think it’s a good time to buy a house sooner rather than later and accrue value. Of course, buying a house is nearly always a good long-term investment if it can be achieved; the percent hasn’t fallen below 50% in the past 40 years. The question is more a matter of feasibility. Certainly, rising prices seem optimistic to those who have the extra money to invest now. A less optimistic viewpoint is that even those who can’t afford to buy now still recognize it would be a good time to buy if they were able to, and probably won’t be able to any time in the near future.


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