New pool safety regulations became law January 1st

Prior to the first of the year, existing law required pools and spas to have at least one of seven features designed to prevent drowning. These features are 1) an approved enclosure separating the pool from the home; 2) approved removable mesh fencing and a self-closing, self-latching gate; 3) an approved safety pool cover; 4) exit alarms on doors that provide direct access to the pool; 5) a self-closing, self-latching mechanism on direct access doors no lower than 54 inches above the floor; 6) a certified alarm that sounds when detecting pool access; or 7) any other independently approved and verified protection meeting or exceeding the same standards.

These seven categories remain the same. New law requires that newly constructed pools must have at least two of these safety features, and also requires home inspectors to conduct a noninvasive physical examination of the pool. Another change is that localities with their own local pool safety ordinances are no longer exempt from these safety regulations.

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