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Monthly Market Direction – December 2017

To give you the most current information, we personally chart sales activity in the LA South Bay.  This hyper-local information often involves very small numbers of sales to work with on a monthly basis.

This December 2017 chart shows the daily changes in the number of homes available in blue, and the trend line in red. The red line shows the overall direction, taking time and daily volume changes into consideration.

Given that Christmas and New Year activities take up huge amounts of time, it’s not surprising to see real estate activity decline.  Only the most serious buyers and sellers are on the market this time of year.  The final quarter of 2017 showed a typical movement in favor sellers, simply as a result of fewer homes being available for buyer competition.

We’ll be watching January closely, looking for changes resulting from the new tax laws.

Starting this year, monthly charts will be available on our blog:  Look for “Market Direction.”

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